New year’s resolution: more music!

Today I started working on my plan for 2014: getting better playing the guitar.

I play guitar for more than twenty years now but I’m stuck since I’m not practicing enough. In principle I have enough material I could use: William Leavitt’s awesome A modern method for guitar volumes 1 to 3. They consist of enough exercises for the next ten years. Today I bought me another book: Pat Metheny’s Guitar Etudes: Warmup Exercises for Guitar. Once I have a bit experience with this book I’ll maybe publish a review. All exercises are written in notes and tablature in parallel which I personally find quite distracting, though. I don’t like tablatures and would have preferred some fingering indicators in the notes which are completely missing. With tablatures you tend not to look at the notes at all which in consequence means you’re not learning the fretboard… well, you can’t have it all, can you?

More importantly: I contacted my former guitar teacher this morning and will be taking lessons again! Tomorrow will be my first lesson after some 15 years! I’m quite excited!

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